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Erwin Komenda, designer of car
356A Speedster
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Bronze 6" x 11" 30 $2,200
See QuickTime VR Movie to rotate this sculpture 360 degrees and fully appreciate it from every perspective!

Swinging is a charming desk size sculpture available in a monochromatic bronze patina or handpainted full color polychrome.

Artist Notes:
A couple enjoy a morning drive in a Porsche Speedster. The lady is wearing a lovely summer dress with a matching hat - maybe not the best choice in a breezy roadster. One hand keeps her hat on. Look the rear wheels - they’re swinging!

The Speedster was Porsche’s 'entry level' model; simple and light. The low windshield and curvy body make it an attractive car and very collectible today. It looks like a full size toy.

Dr. Porsche was one of the giants of automotive engineering. He designed products from Grand Prix cars to army tanks, from the teens through the 60s. Porsche cars started as racing versions of the 'people’s car' - the Volkswagen. The Speedster used the VW design of fully independent torsion bar suspension, rear-mounted, air-cooled, horizontally-opposed 4 cylinder engine and 4 speed combined transmission/differential. The power went out through the Achille’s heel of the car - the swing axle rear suspension. It was light, elegant, dependable, but it put the tires through weird angles as the suspension moved. Early Porsches were famous for spinning out in corners as the axles swung.

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