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Surrealistic Car Art
As a child, Frederick Yohe was mesmerized by the crisp contrasting colors and slurred images he saw in the chrome bumpers and hubcaps of family cars. Neon signs at night drew his interest as well as creating crayon-resist drawings where black tempera wash coatings made colorful images stand out. Today, his technique of layered acrylics, intense contrasting colors and great attention to detail can be credited to those early visions and experimentations.

Frederick Yohe began painting full time after a successful 25-year career in Marketing and Advertising. Though he painted part time in those years, he recognized that he had to develop his talents from the ground up. So, in the 1980s Yohe began with the toughest subject he could imagine: portraiture in black, white and grays. During a 3-year period, he learned not only drawing and painting accuracy, but also a necessary and unique understanding of value, the lightness and darkness of color. Value and accuracy remain the foundation of Yohe’s quality.

Yohe’s work hangs in such notable collections as Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti, Paul Newman, Carl Haas, Nigel Mansell, Jaguar Corporate Collection, Lennox Collections, The Behring Automotive Museum, Atlantic Richfield, various Art Museums and numerous private collections. He has been commissioned for a number of Indy Car, Formula-1, and automotive show events, as well as painting and print programs for various models of Jaguar Cars.

“I paint every day, as many as 14 hours a day, simply because I love it so much and everything else bores the hell out of me. I continually try to improve my skills by suddenly deciding to paint a series of canvases on subjects I’ve never tried to paint; architecture, eagles, flags, nudes, flowers, and even some landscapes. A couple of years ago I decided my technique needed loosening up so I painted a collection of 100 cats, small canvasses, quickly painted. No matter what, I always learn something valuable and I bring it right back to automotive art.”

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Fisker Dawn
Lion Tamer
Black Corvette 7
Black Corvette 9
MG Comin'
Gargoyles 1
Gargoyles 2
Easy Chair
Fall Gull

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