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Master of Pen and Ink
Renowned British fine artist Ken Dallison often fills his art with characters in the same way a director casts a movie, fulfilling both the need to create a good design and tell a story. He is interested not only in motorcars, but in the personalities of these splendid machines and the human dramas of which they are a part.

A native of west London, Ken studied art at Twickenham Art College and began his professional career in a London advertising agency. Developing his trademark pen and ink style in the mid-50s ("I always leave something for the eye of the viewer to fill in for himself" says Ken), he began to specialize in vehicle illustration around 1959. His interest in the artistry of automobiles inspired him to create a portfolio filled with studies of trains, buses, and cars, particularly large American cars from the 1950s.

Freelance work in North America eventually led him to settle in Canada, where he still lives with his wife Gwen. He teaches at the Ontario College Of Art in Toronto, and has lectured at the San Francisco Academy Of Art and the Smithsonian Institute. A founding member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society, Ken is also a member of the New York-based Society of Illustrators.

In addition to creating the 1995 Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance poster, Ken's works include a 'horseless carriage' stamp commissioned by the US Postal Service and artwork for the 'Chunnel' profiled in National Geographic. In 1986 Ken beautifully illustrated The First Century, an official book commemorating the first 100 years of Mercedes-Benz.

Numerous awards include the 1970 Gold Medal from the Society Of Illustrators, a Canadian Association's Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994, Athena Awards of Excellence in 1990, 1995, 2001 and 2003, and two Gold Medals from the Detroit Art Directors Club. His paintings hang in museums and private collections across North America and Europe.

During his 50-year career, he has created elegant images for such prominent clients as Esquire, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Car and Driver, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, and IBM. Ken's recent work depicts the Chevrolet Corvette competing at Le Mans. It has been used by Chevrolet Motorsport as both a poster and limited edition print.

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