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Giuseppe Figoni, designer of car
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Bronze 13" x 30" 10 $12,500
Painted Bronze 13" x 30" 10 $15,000
An investment cast bronze sculpture with polished bronze brightwork and fitted glass windshield and rear window - very unusual for a sculpture. Most have been custom made for owners of the original cars.

Artist Notes:
Teardrop is a detailed sculpture of a well-dressed couple in their splendid teardrop-shaped Talbot-Lago. They're enjoying a brisk drive on a dusty back road as the breeze through the open windows blows her hair around the cozy interior.

Major Antony Lago bought the Talbot company, makers of durable if unexciting cars. With Lago's hotter engines, better chassis and chic bodywork, Talbot-Lago became a top name in expensive, fast transportation.

When a buyer purchased a top-of-the-line automobile up into the 1940s, they  bought a running chassis from the manufacturer and then had a coachbuilder create exactly the body he or she wanted. It was like having a suit tailor made.

Joseph Figoni and Ovidio Falaschi made some of the most original and beautiful bodywork of all time. Their 'Teardrop' design was the among the best known, though only 18 were ever built.

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