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L.A. Deuce
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Bob McGee, designer of car
V-8 Roadster
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Bronze 5" x 11" 150 $750
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L.A. Deuce
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L.A. Deuce is a finely detailed investment cast bronze sculpture on a marble base, available in a classic bronze patina or handpainted full color polychrome.

Artist Notes:
This is a 75th Anniversary tribute to the ‘32 Ford Roadster, the car that comes to mind when you think 'Hot Rod.' L.A. Deuce shows a happy driver on a breezy day in a great car. A fine commemorative sculpture to an American icon, it makes a wonderful trophy or gift for an enthusiast.

The Deuce was a real step forward for Hot Rodders. It had a brand new engine - a V8! Ford had made only four cylinders for 20-odd years, and this was a revolution for affordable cars. Would this flathead engine be as fast as the ruling fours? Yes, indeed it soon made even more power than the fours, and led America into a love affair with V8s.

The body, though, the Deuce Roadster, that’s the look, regardless of what’s under the hood. The Duece looks just right, kind of sleek but short and all business behind the classic grille.

The car shown here is a famous Deuce - the McGee Scritchfield car. The car was built by Bob McGee in the 40s and later owned by Dick Scritchfield. It has big history - been on the cover of Hot Rod, been in movies, and run at Bonneville. It has a classic look with some unusual tricks like an extended trunk lid, vee’d frontspreader bar, no door handles or hinges and a unique instrument panel.

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L.A. Deuce

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