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The Atmosphere and Light Collection
British fine artist Barry Rowe (1936-2022) says he fell in love with cars as a young boy, when his father worked for Jaguar during the legendary C-Type and D-Type era. Forever after, he was immersed in the world of motoring.

Raised in the automotive city of Coventry in England, Barry studied graphic design at the College of Art, then worked for several years as an advertising director. However, with his passion for motor cars he began to spend more time on automotive illustration, and started freelancing in 1966.

Fascinated with the expression of atmosphere and light, Barry almost always included people in his paintings to convey the full motoring experience, not merely cars alone.

Rowe's career as a full-time painter began when he won the prestigious Sotheby's Art Award in 1994 for his portrait of five times World champion Juan Manuel Fangio. An automotive magazine feature of his work followed, which led to commissions from Louis Vuitton of Paris, the Royal Mail, Royal Doulton, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Rowe's paintings are found in private and public collections all across Europe and North America. His work has been exhibited at many venues on these continents, including London, Silverstone, Goodwood, Paris, Pebble Beach (Award of Excellence 2000, 2001, 2002 and Lincoln Award 2001), Meadow Brook Hall, (two Awards of Excellence), and Cranbrook (Award of Excellence 2003). Rowe also exhibited at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco during two Grand Prix weeks and at the Louis Vuitton Hurlington event.

Barry was delighted to be elected a full member of the exclusive Automotive Fine Arts Society and exhibited every year at their Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance event in California. He painted this Concours' poster art for 1998 and 1999, and their Tour poster art for many years after. He is also painted the 2004 Cranbrook Concours d'Elegance poster.

Over the years this distinguished artist owned many interesting cars, his favorites being a 1931 supercharged Lagonda, a 1929 Riley Nine Tourer, and a modern Morgan.

Barry ROWE Gallery
Monaco Elegance
Scuderia Ferrari
Brooklands Style
Ferrari 328 GTB & Testerossa
Classic Stable
Monaco Grand Prix 1933
Fairway Drive
In the Midst
Bugatti Beach Party
Unassailable Lead

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