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Tremont and Grand
Additional Views:   enlarged   artist:   Ken EBERTS
Harley Earl, designer of car
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Giclée on watercolor paper 40" x 26" 50 $600
Giclée on watercolor paper 24" x 18" 50 $400
Tremont and Grand
A uniquely auto-biographic piece of art which recreates the artist's old neighborhood in New York, where his dreams of car design began.... 

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Artist Notes:
"This building at the intersection of Tremont and Grand in the Bronx is where I grew up. The scene is set in 1955, when I was 12. My Aunt Eileen (married to a Madison Avenue lawyer) is giving me and my cousins a ride around the block in her brand new Buick Roadmaster.

"Populating the scene are various members of my family, friends and neighbors. Looking down from the top floor is Joan, my childhood sweetheart.

"All stores shown were actually there. See the poster for the movie 'Marty' and the headline on the Daily News proclaims 'THIS IS NEXT YEAR' as the Brooklyn Dodgers take the World Series."

See larger image with people of interest. 

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